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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Daily Christian Wisdom

We all have a mind and a will. I may have to depend upon God in ways that I’ve never depended upon Him before, but God will deliver anyone who truly wants to be delivered from any stronghold, any sin.
Charles Stanley

The lesson behind this Christian wisdom:

This is truly correct. We all have our own will and mind to make decisions. But, most of the times we ask God's guidance and will. If we really believed his capabilities then everything is possible. If we asked for forgiveness from our sins. Then, I'm sure he will forgive us. Since, he died for the redemption of our sins. He can truly deliver us away from wickedness. As a person with many challenges in life. I would say, he was been my guidance and help throughout my life. That's why, i keep on thanking him everyday for all his love. So, we must keep on believing his will. There are reasons behind all the trials and heartaches. Just trust him and everything will be fine.

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