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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Whattah nice day...

For the past few days, I've been bugging my hubby to go to the furniture store beside the restaurant where we always eat. Since, the store is near the restaurant, we could easily proceed there if we want. I really want to browse something that i could purchased in the future if we finished fixing our living room. But, he keep on telling me sorts of alibis so we couldn't get there. But luckily, my hubby's friends was not able to meet us for unexpected circumstances happened. Supposedly, they will be meeting us to see me in person. Though, its sad they're not able to see me. lol! But at least, i still able to convince my husband to get inside the furniture store. He let me go by myself coz he cant go with me- he was still wearing his auxiliary police uniform. So, i immediately sneaked inside to see if i could find what i like. I notice the entrance room beside the cashier was not that appealing to me. But when i enter to the next room, i see different rooms where you could see various kinds of furniture's from living room to kitchen appliances. I was amazed because its cheaper and still nice even though its already used. I even bought a picture frame that cost only for $5 and both figurines for $1. Imagine how cheap it was for a nice stuffs. lol... Maybe, i could purchase for more if my hubby was not in hurry. I'm pretty sure we'll be coming back again to buy some more stuffs. Second thing, that makes me happy today- my high paying post so far was approved. I'm looking forward for more opps.... I wished....

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