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Sunday, May 25, 2008

My friend's birthday party

Last Saturday, we attended my friend's birthday party. I was glad my hubby work late at night so we're able to attend her party. I was also glad, she introduce me to her friend who was also a filipina. At least, i got more friends here- i could get along with. It was really a very fun party. Though, there's only a few of us visitors- we still enjoy it. The food were all great, so yummy filipino foods. My diet was ruined again- i was very full. Ohh boy, that's really my weakness. I cant resist not to eat. At least i do exercise or else I'll look like a wrestler. lol..... I wish i could stopped my taste buds not to like sweets and fatty foods. What sucks, i do like comfort food w/c will really kill me in due time- if i never prevented it. Ohhhhhh help me please.......Anyway, lets forget about foods now or else ill be hungry. hhehehhehe.....

Here are couple of pictures taken at the birthday party:

Mother & Daughter who celebrated the birthday

A filipina friend who was introduced to me by the celebrant

At the back were a old couple whom became my friends too

The father of the celebrant with all the youngsters

1 comment:

Vannie said...

hi joy!

looks like the party was a blast :)

i've added u in my 3 blogs already.hope u can link all 3 thanks!!