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Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Tribute To All Moms

Mothers Day is near approaching... Have u decided what to give to your moms? Anyway, I'm not really celebrating Mothers Day while still at home. I don't even know it exist until college days. But, when i gets older and married- i realized how hard to do my role as wife. Though, i don't have child yet- I still feel the burden mom carries everyday just to make us happy. Sometimes, she forgets to treat herself just for the sake of her children. She never bother to get hurt the times we're in trouble. She fights for us no matter if we're in mistakes or not. She makes us feel confident every time we're afraid to try. She's always there to comfort us in times of heartaches. She never ever abandon us the times we needed her in our shoulders. She's always there for us no matter what. I still recall the time we had an argument. she never talk to me for one month for she gets hurt by what i said. But, i know how hard it was for her not able to talk to me that long time. I apologize for my mistakes, we both cried. She told me how it killed her not talking to me. Its like being stabbed by a knife at the back. Its better for her to have misunderstanding with anybody than her children. After that happening, we never fight again that extremes. She makes it sure to have a forum every time there's disagreement in our family. The reason i wrote this blog is to say gratitude to my mom who loves me and never forsaken me the times I'm down. Your awesome mom... I love you so much... will love you more for the rest of my life... Happy Mothers Day...

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