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Thursday, May 1, 2008

How will we spend the economic stimulus package?

I'm just wondering if you guys already think how will you spend the money from economic stimulus payment that were going to receive this first week of may. As what i know in the news that started next week, IRS will be sending the stimulus payment deposited directly to your account if you got one and paper check if you don't have direct account depending on the last 2 digit number of your ssn. You will be lucky to receive it earlier if your last 2 digit ssn starts in lower number. But anyway its all the same thing, you'll received the payment if you qualified and already filed tax return this year regarding if your single, married or veterans. The time we hear the rumors of this package, we already planned of how we gonna spend the money. Even the times of this high racketing prices of gas and foods- we still think of spending it for a none sense material things. Maybe, its really meant for this to makes the economy status at least progressed. But, i know its not the right way to do- it will just make us more worse than ever. Its better for us to pay our credit cards to lessen our burdens of paying huge interest. I know there are more fortunate who can afford to spend these sort of payment but with all those who are struggling like us maybe this is great a options. I cant stopped each person not to spend what they like if they wanted to splurge once in awhile in their lives. Perhaps, they wanted to go for vacation in Cancun to get away all the stress. Or buy HDTV, jewelries, computers & etc... It really depends of the situations of the family and individuals. There are certain reasons for every plans and action we do. So maybe, i would say good luck and enjoy your spending.... hehhehhehhe......

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