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Monday, May 19, 2008

How to pray when you're depressed

Sometimes in our lives, we experience depression because we couldn't handle anymore all the trials we've gone through. Seemingly, it haunting us more and makes heavy burdens to our shoulders. During that test, we may alter the way we believed God. We feel God has abandoned us. When we pray it seems to be useless because we are unable to focus in our prayers due to boredom, frustration and anger. But, there are ways how to pray when you're depressed.

What to do:

1. Find a quite place- Its easy for us to feel the presence of God if the place is comfortable and nobody will destruct you. This way, you're more focus the way you pray and thanking God.

2. Go for a walk- it helps you find the beauty of the outside and gives you fresh air.

3. Remember others who are hurting- Make time to call who also in pain and uplift their spirits through God's name.

4. Hold on the cross- Hold a crucifix in your hands and think of Jesus agony. Think of how Jesus redeem us from our sins, that way you'll feel God's love for us.

5. Hold on to God's words- Read a bible and embrace God's presence and love even the times of sorrows and heartaches.

6. Open yourself to God- Say what you feel in your prayers and open yourself to God's love.

7. Reflect on Jesus Cry- Read the Bible verse while thinking about it: "My God, my God, why have you forgotten me?" This is the time when Jesus feels abandonment.

8. Stop by your Church- Try stopping by your church and connect with one who loves you.

9. Repeat the name of Jesus- This way you'll feel God is with you and embrace you when your in burdens.

10. Spend time in God's presence- Join for Eucharistic adoration and spend time with God's presence.

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