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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Free Dresser

While heading home from a restaurant, we saw a vintage style dresser set along the street. The dresser was just for free to those who liked it. I cant believe the owner give it away. Its still nice for me- perhaps, they doesn't like it anymore. lol... Anyway, it happen i was among the people who wanted free stuff so i never hesitate to tell my hubby to acquire it. At least, we'll no longer purchase one- spending money for expensive dresser sucks. We can still used the money for something more important though. I used to look free stuff in craigslist website- its really fun. You can see various of things there given away to those who will drive in their locations. Its better than going to garage sales. lol! funny me... Unfortunately, my hubby wont allow me to do that. As what he says- its only a waste of gas. Blah...Blah... Thankfully, its a mere chance we've able to grab a free dresser in unexpected place and time.

Here's the Free Dresser we got

1 comment:

Beth said...

Free is always nice. That dresser doesn't look old at all. Mas tigulang pa ko kay sa imong dresser he he he