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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The story of flicka- the mustang horse

Yesterday, my hubby and i were watching a movie entitled " Flicka". The story really captures my heart, its one of the interesting movie I've ever seen. " Flicka" is a mustangs horse who was one of the main character of this movie. Mustangs often referred to as wild horses, since all free roaming horses in America descended from horses that were originally domesticated, the more correct term is feral horses. This story is all about a young girl who feel compassion to flicka even with its untamed behavior showed to them. Flicka was isolated from all domesticated horses due to its unpredictable actions. Since, flicka would creates risk not only for them but for the horses as well if combined together- her father decided that flicka should be sold. But, the young girl find various ways how to make flicka tame. She finds it working- she was able to ride flicka. Until one day, when she tried flicka to drive and released her outside- flicka became more wild. She was hurt and thrown and kick by flicker. Her father got upset for she was so stubborn and never followed his advise not to get closer with flicka. Even the hardest things and bruise she got, she still loved flicka. She told his father how sorry she was not able to understand her. That flicka's behavior was related to what her character's all about- thats why she feel pity & become closed to flicka. But, her father insisted that flicka is wild and could hurt her no matter what. The next morning, her father sold flicka to another ranch. I was really crying when the girl chased the vehicle where flicka has placed. She was very disappointed with her father for selling flicka. Then one day, while hearing some news for rodeo event and flicka were among the horses to be used. The girl together with her brother decided to join the event. She pretend to be a real man by wearing mustache and man's attire. When its their turn for rodeo riding, flicka was very wild. But not a long time, she was able to ride flicka and make her tame. She flew away with flicka not knowing where they headed. They were lost in the wilderness where unknowingly a risks awaits. Flicka sensed dangers that makes her wilder and thrown the girl into the ground. Flicka saved her life from a cougar whose above the trees waiting for victims. Unfortunately, flicka was bitten by that lion just to make the cougar gets her attentions not the girl. But, the girl courageously makes the cougar frightened and let it go away from flicka as its food. She immediately flew going to flicka for support and touch. Being in the state of bleeding wounds- she should make flicka feels how she cared for her and thankful for saving her life. All her family including friends looked for her. Finally, they were able to locate her beside with flicka's aching body. When they found her, she was very sick because of remarkable exhaustion and rains. Her family feel sorry for what had happened especially her father. He regretted the time he never understands her daughter. He went to flicka to see if she can still endure the pains and wounds. Though, it would be impossible for flicka to lived. Thankfully, flicka was able to survived. The first thing, the girl asked for when she awakes was flicka. She wanted to see her friend that saved her life. She thought flicka was already dead. But, her father assured her that flicka was alive. She rushed to the ranch where flicka was located and hug her. They gathered & hugged together while at this scene- forgiving for each everyone faults. It really captured my heart and never forgets this story. It does not only touched the tough heart of a person but also give us lesson on how to accept and love the animals that we think unable to loved back. Hope this story will give each of us good lesson and kept in our hearts the values of love and forgiveness not only in our family, with people but with animals as well.

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