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Monday, April 7, 2008

How would you feel being on thier feet?

How would you feel if one of your relatives can't afford to procure three meals a day? would you feel pity? How about if you can't do nothing to help them because you have your own family to support too. Would you feel guilty? Imagine, how they survive for eating a meal just twice a day or even once a day. How would you react seeing them in your naked eye having the glow in their faces eating a small fish split into three pieces. Would you ask yourself - how they survive? If we are in their feet, could we survive too? We don't know if we will survive or not... right? Sometimes, i feel guilty every time i wasted the leftovers we had because we were full already. While, there are people out there who need food badly. Everytime, we eat in a buffet - I sneakily seen others who surmounted their plates with foods. I cant figure out how they finished it- or are they going to just wasted it if they're full. But anyway that's their life, they can do anything they want - i cant do nothing about it. Sometimes, i would wish to win a lotto so at least i could donate money to charity. Or i would yearn that the our government will do something to help the people who is in need. The people who doesn't have the shelter and not able to eat 3 meals a day. The poor people who cant afford for medical expenses. The people who desperately needs a job but can't be hired because of some educational preferences or even "ninong system". This is very apparent in our own country, we can't deny it. There are alot of graduates who remained in their homes because of competitive opportunities and lack of jobs. How i wish all the problems we have in our country will be solved.

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